When we think of the word “conference” we imagine all sorts of pompous things like the lecturers, stuffy materials, participants aspiring to a higher level of knowledge, professional sessions, presentations, etc. That’s correct, because all of this is influenced bi-directionally both by the level of expectation of the participants and of the organisers. However, the conferences organised by Missio Link International are much more than that, as it is influenced by the long-term relationship between us, the speakers we invite and that partners to whom we provide the framework which helps them develop. 


A recent example is a series of two regional conferences organised in Giurgiu and Cluj, adding to it is an intensive conference held at the Alpinis Leadership Center. Stan Johnson from Zionsville Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, an old friend of MLI and of partners in Fetesti, Giurgiu, Cluj and other areas, approached the study of the book of Mark in a highly relational and interactive way. In Giurgiu (April 12-14) and Cluj (April 19-21) only those from the area participated in the regional conferences, but at the Alpinis Leadership Center (April 15-18) we had pastors, missionaries and ministers from Giurgiu, Fetesti, Alexandria, Zimnicea, Medgidia, Timisoara, Cluj and other areas. In his blogs (LINK HERE), Stan demonstrates exactly what was mentioned earlier: the conferences were not just about learning and intellectual development, but also about relationships, fellowship, rest, fun and relaxation. The fact that our Romanians immediately found nicknames for him (Stanel, Stanica, Stanisor) highlights the depth and history of the relationship between Stan Johnson and the conference participants. Stan and those from ZPC have been coming to Romania for decades, in partnership with MLI, collaborating on various programs and supporting projects that would have been difficult to appear on MLI’s agenda without their support.


One way of evaluating these conferences is the feedback we receive from the participants. Beyond the usual thanks and messages of gratitude, this year the participants surprised us with their words: 


It was a heavenly atmosphere, these blessed days has to be repeated.” (Ficioru Family from Giurgiu)


Stan’s proposed study method is the one that surprised me – it helps me a lot to visualise the biblical contexts and to connect all the details of the text.

(Mitroi Cătălin from Alexandria)


I went home with the thought and desire to put into practice what I have learned, especially when its about obedience to the Great Shepherd.

(Mirela Moisa from Alexandria)


It was an experience that helped us better understand our relationship as a part of the Shepherd’s flock, but also our relationship with the one who is the Great Shepard.” 

(Cira Emy from Cluj)


Nothing is more satisfying than to see that each conference achieves its goal: to create a space for transformation, for relationship and for the effectiveness of the ministry, and the testimonies of those who participate confirms this every time. We hope that the dynamics of these events will continue to remain the same in the future. Yes, we serve people, we are at the disposal of the churches, we want the Kingdom of God to grow, but the ultimate goal of all these events we organise was and remains to glorify our God.

To Him be all the glory forever!