The Păltiniș Leadership Insitute

Following a legacy of service and formation of leaders, MLI’s evolving vision is to complement existing programs by offering a broader spectrum of leadership development to a larger audience in Romania and the surrounding area.  Our purpose is to equip people with the knowledge, skills and training to be more effective leaders at home, at work, and in their communities through a model robustly framed by Christian values.

There are three aspects that provide a basis for leadership programs at Alpinis.

(1) The NeedBeyond the void and impact of Communism, the world speaks about leadership and personal formation; people seek models to follow, patterns of improving and growing in life.  We see the need for a perspective rooted in Christian revelation of living in the hope of being part of God’s future. Alpiniș provides a unique setting to affirm and experience true servant leadership and personal formation.

(2) The PeopleMLI/MI has a rich legacy of servant leadership to share; a unique model of men and women from across the world who, by following Jesus, accepted a mission rooted in friendship, partnership and service together. 

(3) The PLI VisionPrograms, experiences, and training expressed through the lens of Christianity will impact, shape and inform lives in the marketplaces of ideas, work, faith and service.