1 Between March 09 – 12, 2015, Zionsville Presbyterian Church (ZPC) and Missio International/Missio Link International organized their annual conference for the pastors and missionaries from south – east and center Romania. This year the conference was organized in the beautiful mountain city of Sinaia, two and a half hours drive, north of Bucharest. There were over 45 families of pas-tors, missionaries and other church leaders from: Fetesti, Slobozia, Calarasi, Bordusani, Giurgiu, Alexandria, Zimnicea, Alba Iulia, Cluj and Timisoara. For over eleven years ZPC and MLI organize this conference. I am deeply thankful to ZPC and Tabernacle Presbyterian Church from Indianapolis for their love, generosity and dedication for helping to train and encourage church leaders from south – east and center Romania. Once again, our good friend Mr. Dave Gall, the champion for Romania at ZPC brought with him a wonderful team of people: Mr. Jack Jordan and Mrs. Hope Jordan; Mrs. Mindi McMillan; Mrs. Betty Sue Laffoon and Mr. Phil Ping – Pastor at Joyful Manna Baptist Fellowship. The theme of the conference for women was: “What is a Family?” – presented by Mrs. Mindi McMillan and the theme for men was “My Role in God’s Plan of Redemption” – presented by Mr. Jack Jordan. Both themes were Biblical, very much needed, and challenging for many of us. We were confronted with the truth of God’s Word and encouraged to apply what we have learned. Thank you so much for a great time. Please take few minutes to find out what some of the participants had to say about it.

“I am amazed ho2w the Holy Spirit worked in directing you to choose such a powerful and challenging message that perfectly fits my needs and helps my ministry. I am going through a time when God is moving my spirit toward sharing the Gospel and also as a church we are praying and searching for ways to reach more people for Christ. The theme of this conference about or role in God’s redemptive story and the importance and the power of our personal testimony, really strengthen me in my faith and gave me courage to do it more and more. Thank you so much for such a wonderful time.” Pastor Iulian Stoian – Tandarei
“For me and my wife it was a great bless3ing to participate at this conference. Brother Jack Jordan brought us a very practical and important message from the Lord for the days we live. In a very clear and simple manner, Brother Jack led us through the Word of God and help us understand our role in God’s plan of redemption. It is a message that needs to be preached in all our churches. Thank you so much ZPC for your love and generosity. You truly make a difference in our lives.” Pastor Emilian Cira – Cluj

“These days you remind me how important personal testimony is and encouraged me to use the story of my life as a tool to reach others for Christ. I pray the Lord will give me the wisdom to use each opportunity He gives me to spread His message. Thank you so much for a great week.” Radu Iordache – Fetesti

“During this week I learned that a family is a museum of memories. I am thankful to God for using you to create a corridor of wonderful memories about you. I am thankful to God for Mindi and for the great work God does in her life, in her family and through her at this conference. I pray the Lord 5might continue to use Mindi with great power so many people might be touched as my life was touched this week.” Cathy Iordache – Fetesti

“During this conference God touched my life and brought comfort in my life when our eyes were directed to Jesus. I was moved by the joy and the deep gratitude toward God of many people, who did so in spite of their major challenges in life. Listening to them, I understood how all things work together for the good of those who love God. It was a great week and I am sorry it came to an end. Thank you so much. I love you and pray for you.” Veronica – Cluj-Napoca
“I am than4kful to God for this conference where the grace of God and His presence touched my life. The theme of the confer-ence and the way Brother Jack presented it, filled my heart with joy, encouraged me, and challenged me to continue to seek the will of God for my life. Personally, God spoke to me through Colossians 4:3, as Brother Jack explained it to us – God closes doors and He opens doors; we are not called to force the close doors but to enter with faith the doors He opens for us. Thank you so much, may the Lord richly bless you.” Cristian Baci – Fetesti

“The theme of this conference was very good and very much needed. I understood once more, that I have an important role in God’s plan of redemption. I was challenged to focus to pray for three people and share with them the Gospel of our Lord. I am leaving this place determined to be more active in telling others about Jesus. Thank you so much. The Lord bless you richly.”
Pastor Adrian Neagu – Bordusani

“This week was a great time for me, a time when the Word of God challenged me regarding my role in God’s plan of redemption. I understood it is God who gives me many opportunities to share the Good News with other people, but it is my responsibility to use these opportunities with wisdom and faithfulness. Thank you so much for this wonderful time. ” Pastor Iosif Pop – Fetesti

“For many years MLI has become a family for many servants of God in Romania. We are truly blessed to be part of this family; they know our problems and we pray for each other. This conference showed once more, that Pastor Eugen Groza and Mr. Dave Gall serve a cause where they receive the blessings from God, otherwise would be impossible to continue to do it so well for so many years. The message of this conference and the way it was presented was challenging and refreshing at the same time. Thank you Brother Jack for doing such a wonderful job, and thank you Pastor Phil for a moving message. I am8 leaving this place refreshed, challenged and determined to be a better servant of God. Pastor Octavian Ivanica—Alexandria

Thank you so much for your continued support for God’s work in Romania. Investing in people is the best investment we can make, it has everlasting results. Your prayers, love and generosity means so much for us; it encourages us and gives us strength to continue. Your partnership with us is vital, without your very important support we could not do what we do. You all are in our hearts and we pray for you! May the Lord bless you!
Pastor Eugen Groza – Your Partner in Romania