Between February 29-March 03, 2016, Zionsville Presbyterian Church (ZPC) and Missio Link International/Missio International organized their annual conference for pastors and missionaries from south – east and center Romania. This year, once again, the conference was organized in the beautiful mountain city of Sinaia, two and a half hours drive, north of Bucharest. There were about 47 families of pastors, missionaries and other church leaders from: Fetesti, Slobozia, Calarasi, Bordusani, Giurgiu, Alexandria, Zimnicea, Alba-Iulia, Cluj and Timisoara. For twelve years ZPC and MLI organize this conference. I am deeply thankful to ZPC and Tabernacle Presbyterian Church from Indianapolis for thei20160301_192744_1680x945r love, generosity and dedication for helping to train and encourage church leaders from south – east and center Romania. Once again, our good friend Mr. Dave Gall, the champion for Romania at ZPC brought with him a wonderful team of people: Mr. Jerry Deck – Senior Pastor of ZPC (for the first time in Romania), Mr. Phil Ping – Pastor at Joyful Manna Baptist Fellowship, Mrs. Donna Bahler and Mrs. Sally Bias, both from ZPC. The theme of the conference for women was: “Discipleship that Multiplies”, present-ed by Mrs. Donna Bahler, Mrs. Sally Bias and Mrs. Ani Tomeci from Romania. The theme for men was :“Teaching in the Parables of Jesus”, presented by Pastor Jerry Deck. Both presentation were practical and very useful. Thank you so much for a great time. Please take few minutes to read what some participants had to say about it.

“Looking back to the wonderful time spent this conference, I can say without any doubt it was one of the most fruitful I and my wife atten ded. We left with a lot of new and very practical ideas we are eager to implement in our ministry. Thank you so much Pastor Jerry for the clear, inspirational and very challenging messages you had for us. Thank you MLI for your love and continue efforts to provide a “Bethany” place for our souls.” Pastor Iulian & Raluca Stoian – Tandarei

I am thankful to God and to you who organized this conference for these days of grace we spent here. I am leaving this place renewed in my spirit by the Word of God who spoke to me.”    Florin Tudorache – Fetesti

“Thank you all from ZPC, we were encouraged to reach at to more people outside the ministry and love more practically those around us. It touched my heart to see all the years of relationships and all the churches and ministries here that have been pioneered and planted; The older pastors that have been faithful for so many years to the Gospel in Romania and the younger generation with passion and love gives new hope for the fu-ture. It was a time for us to rest too and think a lot of what we are doing and how we are doing. The messages were practical and challenging. With Love, Thanks and Blessings!” Marshall & Larisa McKenna

“Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ from ZPC and MLI, thank you so much for these days of grace. We are happy and full deep appreciation for the Word of God we heard during these days. The Spirit of God touched our lives and we are encouraged to continue to walk with our Lord and to serve Him. We thank God for you and pr20160303_134109_1680x945ay He might continue to bless you and your families.” Lucian & Marinela Barbos – Cluj

“It was a blessed time when God touched my life and challenged me in many areas of my life, such as: Who am I? What I do and how I am doing it? How practical is my faith? I left the place with the determination to be more useful to those in need around me. I am so thankful to God, ZPC and MLI.”     Pastor Adrian Neagu – Burdusani

“This conference was very useful for me: it helped me to establish more efficiently my priorities; it helped me to understand how important is to transform the teaching into very concrete actions. Thank you so much for a wonderful time. May the Lord bless you all.”    Aurel Campean – Cluj

“This conference helped me to under-stand much better the need to challenge church people to apply the Word of God outside the walls of the church, during the week. Also the teaching of Pastor Jerry about our Lord parables and the very practical small group discussions will be an important material for 20160303_092322_1680x945our church small Bible study groups. I am so thankful to God for ZPC and your ministry in Romania. “   Pastor Emy Cira – Cluj

“We are so thankful to God for this conference. We are living this place with thankful hearts and renewed in our love for the Lord. The Spirit of God was here and spoke to us and challenged us to be faithful in the work He gave us. Thank you so much for your love and generosity. Blessings to you.“ Moise family – Giurgiu

Thank you so much for your continue support for the work of God in Romania. Your dedication in making disciples and training new church leaders is an investment with everlasting results. Your prayers, love and generosity means so much for us; it encourages us and gives us strength to continue. Your partnership with us is vital, without your very important sup-port we could not do what we do. You all are in our hearts and we pray for you! May the Lord bless you!
Pastor Eugen Groza – Your Partner in Romania