DSC_9064Between October 05-08, 2015, approximately 30 women from four different areas of Romania: Câmpina & Filipestii de Padure – south Romania; Fetes ti – Slobozia – south east Romania; Sibiu & Medias – center Romania; Carpinis & Timisoara, west Romania, came at Alpinis for MLI fall women leadership training. The theme of the Conference was: “ Living Beyond Yourself – a study of the Fruit of the Spirit.” – by Beth Moore. The study was presented by my MLI colleague, Miss Gratziela Ciortuz from Timisoara, Romania. The time at Alpinis was special; it was a time of deeper Biblical understanding of what it means to be led by the Spirit and live by the Spirit. It was a time of sweet fellowship, building relationship, growing in the knowledge of the Lord, spiritual and physical renewal. Thank you Gratziela for your excellent presentation. You are such a blessing for so many. Please take a few minutes to read the impressions of some of the participants.

The study was a great challenge for me in the light of the Word. I understood in what areas I have to let myself be molded and that I have to be more grateful to the Lord. I realized once again that God’s character has to reflect in my life. That is why I praise Him! Dorina Fechete – Baicoi

DSC_9079I have learned that I need to fully dedicate myself to the Lord, to trust His kindness, to let Him guide me through His Holy Spirit so that I could bring fruit in righteousness. I would like to share every day with the ones around me the love that God has shown me. Rodica Frunza – Fundata

About the fruit of the Spirit we have learned that love never fails, joy cometh, peace rules, patience waits, kindness tenders, goodness does, faith fights, gentleness bows, self-control stops. Thank you very much for the opportunity to be at this conference. It was just what I needed. The Lord spoke so much to me these days about letting Christ live in me and through me. Sometimes I try so hard to do the living on my own and forget to submit to the Holy Spirit and to follow His guidance. From now on, my daily prayer will be that He will fill me and that His fruit will be present in my life. Cristina Contiu – Sibiu

I am so thankful for the teachings that we received at Alpinis. Although until I came here I thought I was ok with many aspects of the fruit of the Spirit, through the BiDSC_9071ble study I realized there are still so many things that need to be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have been encour-aged to share what I learned with the ones around me and I pray that God will help me share His love. Silvia Nistoroiu – Filipestii de Padure

Praised be the Lord for the blessing of participating at this conference. The study was so helpful for me as I could relate to many of the things the speaker was sharing about living the fruit of the Spirit day by day. I have been inspired to be more in love with our Lord. Thank you to all who have sacrificed so that we would be better equipped to serve God. Mariana Ganea – Fetesti

At this conference I have learned that I have to love and forgive even those who are hard to love. God has taught me that no matter the problems I through, He is already there ready to give His blessing. I have learned that I need to pray more and more and that when I bow my knees, He rises to strengthen and carry me in His arms. By faith I know He will meet my needs and stand firm “among the lions”, strongly believing He will close the lion’s mouths. Felicia Boboc – Carpinis12043037_516916498486752_2706803084725995469_n

I have been so blessed to find out new aspects of the fruit of the Spirit. I am so overwhelmed by God’s kindness to bring to light things on which I need to improve in order to serve Him better. I would like to start a small group of women to study this subject with them and to learn how to live beyond ourselves. Thank you to all who made this conference possible. Veronica Stroiu – Medias

The subject ‘Living beyond Yourself’ has been very challenging for me. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude regarding all the things God has revealed to me during the lessons, like how to have love, peace, patience, faithfulness – things with which I am confronted every day. All the teachings have strengthened me spiritually and I am very thankful to everyone who has blessed us through this conference. Doina Constantin – Fetesti

This conferenDSC_9082ce has taught me that when, in my loneliness, I face worries, and to bring them to the Lord in prayer with faith, to lean in His arms, and through the Holy Spirit He will give peace, patience, and trust that He will carry me through troubles. I have been challenged to find a way to help those in need and not just stay in my comfort zone. Valy Argint – Timisoara

Thank you so much for your continue support for God’s work in Romania. We appreciate a lot your prayers, love and generosity ; its means so much for us; it encourages us and give us strength to continue. Your partnership with us is vital, it helps us to make disciples and train the new generation of church leaders. Without your very important support we could not do what we do. You all are in our hearts and we pray for you! May the Lord richly bless you!

Pastor Eugen Groza – Your Partner in Romania