At the beginning of October, we had the autumn MLI Church Based Leadership Development training for women at Alpiniș. Twenty five women from seven different areas in Romania took part in the seminars led by our dear friend Lili Iosub. The training was intitled „Women who guide other women” based on the Book of Titus chapter 2. It was a great time of fellowship and biblical study for our sisters. We thank God for all who have made this experience possible. God bless you!

Please take a few minutes to read the impressions of some participants.

„The sweet fellowship I had at this conference helped me grow spiritually. I discovered that I can be a spiritual mother in my church and that I have other gifts which I did not knew before.God bless you!” Cornelia Stănean – Prahova

„I thank God for this wonderful time spent in His presence. The teaching I received here was a blessing to me, I have learned that God wants to make each of us a blessing to those around us, that our purpose on this earth is to be a testimony so that people around us can be saved. Thank you for all the leassons learned during this wonderful days!” Cami Bucur- Fetești

“I am thankful for the grace of my Lord Jesus who gave me the opportunity to meet my sisters from Campina, Sibiu, Timișoara and from other parts of Romania at Alpiniș. We prayed together and shared beautiful experiences from our life of faith. All that I have learned here I will apply in my life to become a woman with a beautiful behavior.” Unknown

“I have come with great joy at this conference because I know that I can learn new things and have great experiences with my sisters from other churches. This time the teaching we received can applied in our church back home, in order to strengthen it. I thank God and all those who invested in this conference, I wish them to continue this work with confidence.” Grama Georgeta- Fetesti

“I know that God wants to teach us something every day and that He used the time we spent here for this purpose. Once again He made me aware of the gifts He gave me and the fact that I must use them for His Glory. I understood that God blessed me with everything I need in order to become a real blessing for those around me. Thank you, again!” Pana Luminița- Fetești

“I thank God and sponsors for the joy they made me by making this conference. I spent a few days in a wonderful setting, I felt very good at Alpiniș. I enjoyed it very much because I met new people with which i have spent wonderful moments.” Unknown

“We thank God for the blessing of attending this conference at Alpinis. The study helped me understand that I do not have to stop  participating in our biblical study group, back home, even if we are travelling difficulties, instead I need to be a blessing and an encouragement for my sisters.” Raluca Stoian- Slobozia

Reported by Eugen Groza