Between May 16 -19, MLI organized its spring Church Based Leadership Development intensive training for women. About 28 women from five different areas of Romania: Fetesti, Câmpina, Sibiu, Timisoara, Carpinis and Medias, came at Alpinis for a time of fellowship, study and spiritual renewal. The theme of the Conference was: “Sound Doctrine for Godly Living.” – A Study in the Book of Titus. The speaker this spring was our dear friend and long time partner in ministry Mrs. Stephanie Moore from Memphis TN. Stephanie is a very gifted Bible teacher, she was accompanied by her husband, Mr. John Moore, one of Missio International Board Members. While Stephanie thought at Alpinis, John and Emil Toader (MLI staff member), visited the leadership groups in two areas of Romania (Cluj Napoca and Western Mountains). Stephanie did a wonderful job, everyone was touched and challenged by God through her teaching. Thank you Stephanie so much for giving your-self to the Lord and in the service of His people. We love you and appreciate you. I thank you all for your love and generosity. Thank you for making possible such a wonderful and meaningful time for our ladies. Please take few minutes to read what few participants had to say about it.

The study we did at Alpinis from the book of Titus helped me clearly understand that if you take time to study in depth, you can find so many sound teachings. I have been encouraged to sh are what I have learned and I have gained confidence to share the Gospel. Georgeta Grama – Fetesti

We are thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to be at this conference. We have met sisters from other areas of Romania and together we learned how to study the book of Titus through observation, interpretation and application. These conferences are so beneficial for us, as we are strengthened and encouraged to grow and teach oDSC_0219_320x213thers. Cornelia Stanescu – Campina

What I have learned from this conference is useful for me as a woman and as a child of God. I liked that we insisted upon the Bible passage and that Stephanie lovingly explained the study so clearly. I have grown to love this letter and its teachings. Dorina Popa – Medias

At this conference I learned how to study the Bible and that I have to honor God with my whole life. Stephanie helped me understand my responsibility as a woman and a widow. I thank God for such people who are ready to be used by God and are prepared to teach us. May God’s grace be upon all who are involved in women’s ministry in Romania. Silvia Nistoroiu – Filipestii de Padure

It was my first time at such a conference and it was a great pleasure and honor. The study helped me to read more attentively, with patience and with an open heart. We thank Stephanie for the love and patience with which she taught us. May the Lord reward your efforts! Magdalena Raich – Fetesti

I liked the conference so much as I learned to study the Word of God in depth. The fellowship and sharing what we have uDSC_3000_320x214nderstood from the passages we studied encouraged me greatly. I was glad to learn how I can help other sisters learn as well. Thank you! Valeria Argint – Timisoara

We appreciate all those who made this conference possible. We have received sound doctrine that helps us be useful in sharing the gospel with the ones around us who do not know the Lord. May the Lord help us to be efficient for Him! Elena Vasile – Campina

This conference was a great blessing for me, helping me study the Bible more efficiently and to apply it better. As it was useful for me, I can now teach the younger ones in faith how to study the Word of God on their own as well. We thank the Lord for Stephanie who is such a blessing for us. Luminita Pana – Fetesti

We appreciate Stephanie and her family for everything they have done to be available to God’s work here in Romania too. Together we have learned how to be living exaDSC_0205_320x213mples which God can use in order to en-large His kingdom. Stela Oprean – Timisoara

I am thankful to the ones who support these conferences for the opportunity to know and study the Scriptures. I was recharged spiritually and I have found many answers to questions and queries I had. I am sure what we learned here is useful and I pray the Lord would help me apply what I learned. May God bless you all! Simona Bica – Carpinis

Thank you so much for making possible such meaningful events for us in Romania. We do appreciate so much your continue support in prayer and your generosity. Your love and dedication is an example for us and encourages us. Your partnership is vital for us and for God’s work in Romania. You all are in our hearts and we pray for you! May the Lord richly bless you. Pastor Eugen Groza – Your Partner in Romania