In the project “Together towards the Future” funded by UWRO, a Civics Education lesson and a Geography and Biology lesson were conducted by applying and experiencing. Both the teaching and the applications were done practically. The children were placed in concrete situations where they were asked to make decisions and to explain the decisions they made. So:

  • In February (03.02.2016) 70 children from CEI “Constantin Paunescu” Recas, along with 12 girls from Deborah House Residential Center visited the farm at Precious Youth Association, located in Voiteg. They participated at the workshop “Risks and ways to prevent dependencies” followed by the game “Find the treasure”. 
  • At the end of March (03/30/2016) – 56 children, beneficiaries of our programs, went on a day trip with the theme “Protecting nature” to Surduc – Fîrdea, Timis. They held a geography and biology lesson outdoor about how to protect nature, followed by a workshop where the children made posters on this subject. At lunch a picnic was organized and the children served a hot dinner at Surduc.