Between July 15 to August 15, Alice Iosin and Ella Moldovan were volunteers in a children’s home in Slovenia with an Erasmus scholarship for volunteering. We are very proud of our girls.

Here is one of their impressions:


The experience of volunteering has meant to transform an idea into the reality of doing good without expecting any reward, not to be indifferent, but on the contrary, to take action.


For me, the experience as a volunteer signified to develop myself both physically and mentally, to renew my capabilities, to know more traditions of other countries, to be more tolerant, to learn to work with other young volunteers, to be more open, to propose ideas that we can do together, to be able to make decisions, to have ideas and the courage to tell them so that they can be implemented. As a volunteer I learned to be convinced of my abilities, to know my strengths and weaknesses, to be better able to adapt myself to new situations, to think critically and analyze information.

I understood what it means to feel European as I spent time with young people from other cultures, customs and ideas different from mine. The volunteer experience was a dream come true towards the world I live in, it means growth, involvement and people willing to act.

Volunteering is my life experience through which dreams can come true.

Ella Moldovan