A team of four ladies led by Bev Gibson, founder & CEO of Vessels of Mercy International, spent time with the girls from Deborah House at the beginning of September before school started. The theme of the VBS was ‘Trust God’ and the girls learned that no matter who you are, what you feel or what other people say or do, you have to trust God. We did different team games after which we discussed what we learned from the game. We did crafts and Bible lessons and at the end of each day there would be a special meeting with the older girls where they would be free to talk and share what they feel and they were delighted to write a letter to God. The girls enjoyed the VBS very much and were very uplifted and encouraged.

The team also visited the Reeducation Center at Buzias where the girls did a play about how God molds the people who allow Him to shape them as He wants. The ones at the center recited poems and psalms and they did crafts together.

We are so thankful for our dear friends from Vessels of Mercy International who are a great inspiration and support for us. May the Lord bless you!

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