Education is the most efficient way to prevent child abuse

Recently we were able to restart small group activities with youth as part of Harmony and Back to School programs. We had the first day trip after two years of restrictions; a group of 60 youngsters and educators have been hiking to the Dacian-Romans ruins from Sarmizegetusa. 

We thank Mt. Bethel Church, Marietta, GA, SUA for their support in this project.


Premiere of a play produced by children with hearing impairment

This month a few beneficiaries from Deborah House went to see the first performance of a play in Timisoara at Victoria Cinema, realised by children with hearing impairment from Inclusion Educational Center ”Constantin Pufan”.

The play named ”Puf Buf” was a show for children and adults as well, which introduces the spectator in a journey of wonder, game, discovery of sounds and colors, all without words and we were happy to support them at this event.


20 year anniversary of Deborah House & anti-trafficking day in EU

This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary at Deborah House, the place where the victims of abuse and human trafficking have found hope and peace again, so that they can start a new life.

On 18th of October we marked the EU Anti-Trafficking Day and we want to share with you an article about the hope story from Deborah House, seen through the eyes of a journalist Adriana Mit.

The link below is in romanian but if you open it with Google Chrome you can right click and select translate into english (automatically).…/ 


ANITP Timisoara organises workshops at Deborah House

During 17th and 18th of October ANITP Timisoara, the Anti-Trafficking Agency in Timis County, organised at Deborah House two workshops about education for preventing human trafficking.

This step is aimed for informing our girls about the risks, but also about realistic ways to defend against it.

The girls discussed with the specialists from the ANITP about their future plans, self trust, friendship and they did the test called ”Real love” developed by eLiberare.

From 2015 Missio Link International is part of the interinstitutional team which works agains human trafficking and the team is coordinated in Timis County by ANITP.

Our colleague Fivi Danalache represented our organisation at the meeting which took place at the City Hall of Timis County to mark the EU Anti-Trafficking Day.