After the first year of the project „Together for the future” sponsored by United Way Romania through the project that is meant to help with job placement of the beneficiaries of the Children at Risk Ministries (MLI-CAR) of the Foundation MISSIO LINK INTERNATIONAL, we are glad that through the project ninety-seven people have received counselling and evaluation and eleven of them have already finished courses until now. The support offered to the ninety-seven beneficiaries was made through sessions of career counselling, psychological counselling and socio-professional assessment, but also financial education for students of the Special School Constantin Păunescu Recaş, all these with the purpose of motivating, creating a network of support for youth and single mothers that are in particularly difficult situations caused by lack of education and disadvantaged backgrounds.

In March 2017 eleven beneficiaries of the project “Together for the future” students of the Special School Constantin Păunescu including young single mothers from Recaş finished a manicure course and will sustain an exam for a manicure certification in April. Six beneficiaries will start the course in April. Also, four of the beneficiaries have found jobs and as part of the project they are offered financial support that is meant to help keep them in the workforce. Other four girls from Deborah Residential Center have been signed up for a manicure course in March and will receive support and help to find a job once they finish the course.

Many thanks to United Way Romania for the support and involvement!