baletOn the 2nd of August 2014, “Deborah House” from Missio Link International Foundation organised the third edition of “Together we are saving Childhood” in Sibiu, Astra Park. For the event, the girls at Deborah House prepared a ballet performance, which was coordinated by Caitlin McAvoy, Musical Theatre senior student at James Madison University, Virginia, United States , that supported Caitlin’s dance project .


For a week, the girls spent a great time at the summer camp in Paltinis where they prepared the dance and for them this was the first time ever they were dancing ballet.

The children in the park were able to participate in various games, contests, face-painting, ande made “the longest drawing”, and finally the event ended with the wonderful ballet performance on the soundtrack of the animation “Peter Pan”. The event was a continuation of the second edition held in Timisoara in June of this year.

Through this event, Missio Link International through “Deborah House” aims to raise awareness in the community regarding the drama of over 11,600 children in Romania, annually being victims of abuse, exploitation and trafficking, over 7,000 of them being girls.

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