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Between Oct, 12th to 15th 2015 MLI was invited to attend the Forum Against Human Trafficking organized by the Association Eliberare in partnership with the National Agency Against Human Trafficking.

The debate on October 12th had the theme “How can a better cooperation between those involved in criminal investigations lead to better outcomes for victims of trafficking?” Tuesday, October 13th, at the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Romania a discussion was held about the partnership in the fight against human trafficking.


Wednesday, October 14th, in partnership with the US Embassy in Romania at the American Corner (National Library) a discussion was held about the protection of victims of trafficking. Are the State departments able to deal with the victims? Do they have the necessary training? How can we balance the dParlamentul Roistribution in which the victim is attributed a court-appointed free lawyer and the dealer has Ambasada Olandei 1a few highly paid lawyers?

Thursday, October 15th, in partnership with the Parliamentary Group for Combating Human Trafficking, in the Nicolae Titulescu hall within the Romanian Parliament a Conference was held with the theme Human Trafficking – Prevention and Partnership in the Current Context.

During this meeting the subjects debated were: the need for prevention in the “online” platform, the need of assistance funds, but also the CSM initiative to prParlamentul Ro 3otect the data in cases of minor victims of trafficking.
The present NGOs have also expressed concern about the increasing number of minors trafficked, about the need to facilitate accreditation for those providing multiple social assistance services, about linking the legislation for child protection to the law of  human trafficking, and about the need for staff and donations.


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