Between March 13-16, 2017, Zionsville Presbyterian Church (ZPC) and Missio Link International/Missio International organized their annual conference for pastors and missionaries from south east and center Romania. This year the conference was organized in the beautiful mountain city of Sinaia, north of Bucharest. We were about 90 persons present: families of pastors, missionaries and other church leaders from south, south east of Romania, Western Mountains. For thirteen years ZPC and MLI organize this conference.

I am deeply thankful to ZPC and Tabernacle Presbyterian Church from Indianapolis for their love, generosity and dedication for helping to train and encourage churches from Romania. Once again, our good friend Mr. Dave Gall, the champion of Romania at ZPC brought with him a wonderful team of people: Dr. Stan Johnson from ZPC (for the first time in Romania), Mr. Phil Ping – Pastor at Joyful Manna Baptist Fellowship, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Ellet, Mrs. Lisa Prince all from ZPC.

The theme of the conference for women was: “The Deepening Christian Life”, presented by Mrs. Lisa Prince.

The theme for men was: “A Joyful Mind” – a study in the letter of Philippinas, presented by Dr. Stan Johnson.

Both presentations were practical and very useful. Thank you so much for a great time.

Here are some testimonials: 

“This conference was insightful and strengthening. God used his grace through Brother Stan who lead us and helped us to dive into the beauty and the profoundness of God’s word. Thank you MLI.”

                              Octavian Ivănică (Alexandria)

“The conference this year has been a new blessing for me and for the Geneza Church. I am very grateful to God for this year’s subject and for brother Stan that lead us in studying Philippians. Personally, I was spiritually refreshed by the Lord and encouraged to pray more for the brothers in the Church and thank God for them, who are my joy and happiness before the Lord.”

                                 Emmy Cîra (Cluj-Napoca)

“At the women’s study a strong fellowship was build, we opened our hearts, we didn’t hold back our emotions and we truly felt the presence of the Holly Spirit. Through the shared experiences our faith grew, we saw that God handles each person in a different, careful way. He is a God of details and He works in an extraordinary way.”

                                  The Women group from Giurgiu                                                                              

Your Partner in Romania,

Eugen Groza