Deborah House

At the end of January Deborah House received three new sisters, two 15 years-old twins, and their younger 14 years-old sister. The girls have adjusted well and after a few days they became friends with the other girls in the house.

During the winter break the mothers aided by the Deborah House psychologist taught the girls how to make broaches and wall decorations. In Romania there is a custom to offer the ladies a ‘Martisor’, a spring token, a tiny adornment tied with a red and white entwined cord presented on March 1. It is one of the most representative Romanian traditions that celebrates the arrival of spring. The spring token is worn for a week or two, on outer garments.

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We also organized a card-making competition with a floral theme and the four finalist girls received a prize. The month of March was full of joy and laughter as we celebrated the girls who were born in January and February and we had fun during a masquerade contest.

The girls did not forget the vegetable garden and the greenhouses – they have started to work, dig and put seedlings for spring harvest.



There are 11 girls in the Aspiration program now, the latest comer is Sorina, formerly from Deborah House. Also 9 of the girls are beneficiaries of a project developed in collaboration with United Way entitled “Education and healthcare for children from disadvantaged families” which aims to increase access to education for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


After the penal code legislation was changed, the number of young people in rehabilitation centers increased and their ages now range from 14 to 23 years. Also the work procedures are different and MLI had to do the paperwork to request access to the Juvenile Reeducation Center in Buzias. There are 40 permanent volunteers who regularly accompany Doru Racoviceanu and 200 occasional volunteers who are involved in this ministry.

Back to School

The children at the Inclusive Education Centre in Recas were on holiday for a week. They have returned to school and began the second semester. During the crafts classes they made cards for their teachers and mothers to give them as gifts at the beginning of March.