Tea Party for Deborah House

Every girl deserves to feel like a princess, at least once in a lifetime! This is why we organized a Tea Party for the girls at Deborah House so that they could feel elegant and special, together with the ladies from our foundation who work with them.

“At Deborah House I learned to forgive and love!” This is what many of our girls confessed. Each of them shared with us what legacy they received from the special women in their lives. We were happy to witness how most of them would mention the women who work at MLI as the ones from whom they learn and to whom they look up to.

We would like to give a special thanks to Shelby Trusley and Lauren Clevenger who travelled all the way from the USA to be together with us and we are grateful they decided to carry on the mission their parents, Alec and Pati Woodhull started. Also, we are thankful for Kristi Sipson who donated a very special tea set that belonged to her mother. And of course, many thanks to Mrs. Corina Macri and the restaurant Casa del Sole for their hospitality!