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The MLI Foundation serves all children at risk, regardless of religion or ethnicity. Working with local government, two of our child welfare programs are licensed social agencies.

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After two years in which school was interrupted due to serious abuse, rescued and sheltered at Deborah House Residential Center, Corina resumes her education and successfully promotes eight grades, being accepted to a high school in Timisoara. So that Corina...
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a shocking inheritance

In the early nineties international media exposed a shocking legacy of the Ceausescu communist dictatorship, the orphans of Romania. Today the child welfare crisis continues in Romania, even with entry into the EU, the recovering economy, and new government policies combining to improve conditions.

This is especially true for exploited and abused girls, older orphans, special needs children, and ethnic Rroma (gypsy), and those leaving institutions to rejoin society.

The hugely disproportionate number of abused, neglected and abandoned children continues to constitute a crisis in a society still recovering from the social/familial destruction wrought by forty five years of communist social programs.

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