Through the “Step by step, hand to hand – Literacy Program” 20140627_185221were awarded a number of tutoring activities for 8 girls, aged between 9 and 14 years.

All eight girls are residents of Deborah House Residential Center and are victims of severely abuse, girls with learning difficulties and special educational needs who either had a dropout period or did not attend any form of preschool or secondary school to the time they came to Deborah House. 20140627_180531

The activities aimed at helping the girls to increase their educational performance (reading and writing skills, arithmetic, homework help) and reducing the risk of repeating and marginalization. In this regard, eight young girls that were residents at the Deborah House who are now college / university or working, have carried out educational activities, school preparation, individual and specific to each case.

In the period January-June 2014 , activities were oriented towards the Romanian language, mathematics and sports.