The big word for this time of the year at Alpinis is ‘preparation’. We are getting ready for the camp season. We prepare by training leaders, we prepare the building and the site, and last but not least we prepare hearts in prayer expecting that God will bless our efforts with Gospel impact and protection.

May 15-18: The core team of Alpinis Outdoor Challenge leaders went through an intensive rock climbing training with Joel Vermillion and Jon Hoppin from Wilderness Ministry Institute, CO. This year our WMI friends first came to offer training on ‘counselling and content’ in February. In May a small number of leaders were trained to a higher level so they could teach safety and instruct others. Two outdoor leaders ministering in Bosnia and Italy also participated.

“It has been a tremendous honor to partner with Emil Toader and AOC for the past 5 years. These leaders are truly dedicated to seeing the gospel go forward in Romania. Their commitment to continue to develop new skills in order to reach young people in Romania is inspiring and I look forward to many more years of partnership!” – Jon Hoppin, Nexus International, Wilderness Ministry Institute, CO, USA

In April, Cosmin Ban, AOC volunteer guide, took part in a training organized by Scripture Union in partnership with WMI in Austria, together with leaders from other European countries. I am encouraged to see this program developing and to see the high impact it has on the participants. At the end of June we have a trail training scheduled when possibly some youth leaders from Serbia who were with us in February will join.  Three AOC camps are scheduled for this summer, and we see a growing interest and need for this ministry.
April 25-27: TwoDSC_0297_1024x681 of us took part the Christian Camping International conference organized at Bradatel, a Christian Camp in western Romania. It was helpful and exciting to meet with youth leaders, camp directors and CCI leaders to learn from and about each other, to share materials and establish new contacts. I led a workshop on the use of outdoors as a tool for sharing the Gospel.

Recently the Alpinis Villa was full as we hosted the MLI Leadership Development intensive training groups, and now we prepare for the summer camps. The first camp will be in the first week of July with a group from Northern Ireland and a group of children from three village areas in Romania. The total number will exceed 80 people so we will use a facility in Paltinis.

As always, I invite you to participate in this work through prayer and resources. Two words to remember in prayer for our camps: safety and Gospel impact.