At the invitation of our friends from Hebron FPC, Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, between July 10-21, 2017, Lorena Rusovan and Ion Costache (Little John), accompanied by the Groovy Strings Quintet musical group, visited the Northern Ireland churches. Although the main objective of the visit was to present the work of MLI, the challenges and the joy brought by the changes in the lives of the children with whom we work, the time spent there was also a time of sweet fellowship and great joy. Beautiful moments, crystallized during the visit to precious memories, were accompanied in a wonderful way by Groovy Strings Quintet’s concerts during charity events and church visits . We thank the hosts for the unforgettable reception they have prepared for us and the talented girls from Groovy Strings Quintet because they chose to invest their talent for the benefit of our projects!

We invite you to watch the photo album here.