A team from Mt. Bethel UMC, Marietta, GA, visited us at the beginning of June. Todd Wilson, Darlene McKeithen, Mike McKeithen, Katherine Grace Addison, Susan McCauley and Sean Amidon were a great blessing for us and we appreciate everything they have done to bring smiles to the children. While here, they celebrated Father’s day at Deborah House and participated at the end of school festivities for the children in our Back to School program and visited some of the poor families bringing them some basic foods. They also shared their testimonies with the young offenders at the Juvenile Hall in Buzias and did Bible study lessons and crafts with the Deborah House girls, while the men helped build and recondition some furniture for the girls.

Mr. Todd Wilson witnessed at Bethany Baptist Church in Timisoara saying: “We have been here many times. What brings us back; why do we keep coming? In one simple word: love. Can’t explain it, but every time we come here we feel a love that draws and determines our hearts and souls to come again. On a personal level, I have been coming here since 2008; I have missed the last 2 years for personal health reasons and I have promised God that if my health was restored I would come back to Romania. In the past 12 months I have been healthy and it is a great blessing to see God at work in my life and allowing me to be with you all one more time. We pray that our team would be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ doing His ministry.”

Thank you all so much for your love and example of dedication you have shown us. May the Lord richly bless you!

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