Between July 12th to 19th we had the visit of the Mt. Bethel team from Atlanta, GA. During their stay, the women from the team did crafts with the girls from Debora House making jewelry boxes, bracelets, they drew and colored, played outside and had messages with biblical themes for the girls.
Meanwhile, the men mounted new bedroom and bathroom doors at Deborah 1.
Team members, especially those who came for the first time, were introduced to MLI programs, they visited both houses and for a week they had the opportunity to spend a wonderful time with the girls from Debora.
On Thursday, the entire team was at Buzias and had activities with the minors at the Rehabilitation Center.

At the end of their visit, the MLI and CAR staff, the girls from Deborah House and the Mt. Bethel team attended a farewell barbecue.

We appreciate the dedication and blessing they represent for us and we thank God for our friends!