Mt. BethelThe short-term mission team from Mt. Bethel United Methodist church in Marietta, GA recently was onits annual visit with the Deborah girls and MLI staff. This year they were fortunate in that they spent their time at Alpinis with the girls. Alpinis is the MLI retreat center located just south of Sibiu in the Transylvanian Alps. Team members led the girls in devotions, crafts, activities and games. By working and playing together, friendships were formed and language barriers were lessened. One afternoon everyone went to Arka Park Paltinis; here many of the girls became more confident as they overcame challenges in the adventure park where they thought they could not complete. The 2013 Team Prayer written by all of the team members had asked for God to guide them so they could share their faith and talents in a way that demonstrated Christianity in action. God answered this prayer as was evident in the smiling faces of the girls. The girls realized that these team members represented only a portion of the people in the U.S. who support them with their prayers and financial resources. After the Mt. Bethel team left the Deborah girls, the staff spent an additional week at Alpinis so they could enjoy their time in the mountains to the fullest.


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