On June 7th we received the visit of a team from Seattle. The team is formed by Rev. Tom Dabasinskas, who is the new mission’s pastor at Highlands Community Church in Renton; Rev. Simon Bilti, who is the pastor of the Romanian Church in Renton, WA; Mr. Lee Harris, who works for Boeing and is a businessman in the Seattle area; Mr. Charlie Miller, who is a  retired businessman in Seattle looking for new ministry opportunities and Mr. Mike Smith – Executive Director of Missio International USA.

During their trip they  preached the Gospel at Pentecost in several partnering village churches – Lenauheim, Carpinis & Giroc – and at Bethany Baptist Church in Timisoara. It was the first time for most of them in Timisoara and it was mind-blowing to hear about the Revolution that took place here in 1989.

One of the best parts was meeting the Deborah House girls and the Aspiration girls and praying for each of them in their homes, as Mr. Charlie Miller stated. Another highlight was meeting the children from the Back to School and Harmony programs and hearing them say so many verses by heart and listening to them sing worship songs together, declared Rev. Tom Dabasinska. 

They also visited Alpinis and were familiarized with the vision for camps and had several meetings with the partnering Pastors in the area.

We are so thankful for their dedication and involvement in the Lord’s ministry here in Romania.