Dear Friends of MLI,

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Group Picture

Between October 07-10, 2013 MLI organized her fall intensive leadership training for women; about 30 women were able to come this time representing six areas of Romania: Carpinis, Timisoara, Sibiu, Campina, Fetesti and Bicaz. The speaker was our sister Lili Iosub the wife of Pastor Florin Iosub and the theme of her talk was “Women’s Priorities according to God’s Will”. The ladies were encouraged to reset their priorities straight: first and foremost the Lord should be the num-ber one priority, then loving their husbands and thirdly, loving their children. The sisters were motivated through God’s Word to have a godly life visible in thoughts, words and behavior. As you can see this time the conference was entirely Romanian and Lili din a wonderful job. Thank you Lili very much and thank you all for your prayers. Thank you for making possible such a wonderful and meaningful time for the Romani-an sisters. Please take few minutes to read some of the impression.

“I was privileged to participate at this conference where through the fellowship and teachings I was encouraged to grow in the Lord. I am determined to pray more and be a living part of the Body of Christ and a true help for the ones around me. Thank you for making this conference possible for us.” Viorica Copocean – Timisoara

Sibiu“I know this was a time set apart by God for me. I was reminded that along the way I had lost my priorities and I praise the Lord that here He helped me find them again. It was wonderful to have more mature and wise women next to me and be able to learn from them. Sister Lili taught us about our personal spiritual life, and the atti-tude we should have in our family life. Thank you for a memorable time of spiritual renewal.” Dana Vasioiu – Campina

“It was an opportunity to recharge our “spiritual batteries”, have fellowship with other sisters and study the Word of God. May the Lord reward your efforts to make this confer-ence possible.” Ioana Handaric – Bicaz

‘I am grateful to the Lord for the honor and privilege to be at this conference. God has helped me un-derstand I need more prayer because prayer changes things. Then I learned that the order of priori-ties in my life should be God, then my husband and then my children. I pray the Lord would give me wisdom to become the woman he wants me to be.” Maria Szilagyi – Sibiu

work“Thank you for the sacrifices you made so that I would be refreshed in my walk with the Lord and so that we would study His word more. I learned to make God my number one priority and how to ask for wisdom in all the domains of my life and to believe that God in His greatness would give it to me if I have faith. May the Lord reward you all!” Felicia Boboc – Carpinis

“God has touched my heart and mind these days and I was surprised that He answered many personal questions through this confer-ence. He has given me the resources and en-couragement to continue to set my priorities with wisdom according to His will. Thank you for your support and prayers.” Daniela Cigher – Sibiu

“I am grateful for the blessing I received from God through sister Lili and sister Gratziela. I thank the Lord for the priorities that He gave me and I pray that through the Holy Spirit He will help me keep them in order. God has reminded me again that before teaching others, I have to be a good example, first in my family and then in our community.” Luminita Pana – Fetesti

Thank you so much for your continue support for God’s work in Romania. Your prayers, love and generosity means so much for us; it encourages us and give us strength to continue. Your partner-ship with us is vital, without your very important support we could not do what we do. You all are in our hearts and we pray for you! May the Lord bless you! Pastor Eugen Groza – Your Partner in Romania


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