14315903_1196887177021359_1667374979_oBetween September 05 – 09, 2016 MLI organized her annual Pastors’ Family Conference at Rina – Sinaia hotel in Sinaia, located in southern Carpathian mountains of Romania. It was an amazing time of spiritual encouragement and physical rest for all of us; a time of sweet fellowship between friends and colleagues, a time of excellent Biblical teaching and challenges from the Word of God. This year God blessed us with a wonderful teacher of His Word: Dr. Erwin Lutzer, from Moody Church in Chicago. Dr. Lutzer was for 36 years the Senior Pastor of Moody Church, now he is Pastor Emeritus of the same church. For many years I was praying, waiting and hoping for this dream to become a reality. Finally Pastor Lutzer came and God blessed all of us through his teaching. Dr. Lutzer was accompanied by Mr. Michael Pitts – Managing Director of Operations & Media of Moody Church and Mr. Pete Lulusa; Michael worked very hard to make this visit possible and we are very thankful to him. Pete was born in Romania, he left Romania 47 years ago, he lives in USA and is a member of Moody Church. Pete brought us closer to God through his singing. The theme of the conference was “Taking the Cross into the World.” Dr. Lutzer’s messages were very practical, very clear, actual, challenging and very much needed. Many pastors recognized they are waiting for MLI conference the whole year, since it is the only time of the year when they can afford to be away from home with their wives . I thank you all so much for your generosity, prayers and love. Thank you for making this special time a reality for us once again. The Conference this year was the largest we ever had, about 88 pastors and most of their wives. Once again this was possible because of your love and generosity. Please take few minutes to read the thoughts of some of the participants.

For us, this time was a blessing from God. The Word that came through Brother Erwin Lutzer was welcoming, profound and presented under the authority of the Holy Spirit. May God bless MLI with grace, mercy and perseverance. You do an extraordinary ministry. Praise God! Pastor Petru & Nia Dragu – Valisoara

I am so grateful to God for people like Brother Erwin Lutzer who was a real blessing for me during these four days. My img_5958mind and my heart were touched through teachings that were profound, but also full of sensibility. It was a gain for my soul to spend this time at the conference. I truly look forward to another experience like this. Pastor Samuel Bojin – Hateg

I am thankful to God for the joy He gave us through MLI to partic-ipate at one of the most efficient and practical conferences I have ever been to in over 30 years of ministry. Dr. Lutzer knew how to combine humor with the challenge to think and be more dedicated in serving our Lord and His people. MLI did a wonderful job prepar-ing each session through a time of worship that drew all of us closer to God. For me personally the six lessons from Numbers 20 will continue to be a challenge and an encouragement for the years God will give me in ministry. I very much appreciate the elegant way in which Dr. Lutzer answered all the questions that were addr essed to him. May the Lord bless the entire ministry of MLI and keep you in His grace. Pastor Gigi Dobrin – Medias

This conference was a time of spiritual renewal for us. We left encouraged, motivated and with a new desire to serve the Lord. The topics Dr. Lutzer presented were relevant to pastoral ministry and challenged us to action. We thank all who were involved and made this conference possible. To God be timg_5969_800x600he glory! Pastor Robert & Magdalena Raich – Fetesti

This conference was for me and my family a blessed pit-stop both for our bodies and for our souls. Through the word shared by Brother Lutzer we received strength and motivation to continue to share the Lord with a deeper passion. May the Lord bless you and reward the sacrifice of all those who made this conference possible. Pastor Beniamin & Adina Dragu – Bolvasnita

We thank God for all those who made this retreat possible – an oasis of hope in a desert of day-to-day problems. We have been encouraged as a family to support one another in sharing the Gospel. In a particular way we felt God speaking to us again from Romans 8:28 reminding us that no matter what, He remains the same. All the lessons were an encouragement for us – but mostly as young parents we learned that our children are the product of what we seed in them. W e have decided to protect our child from the danger of technology, to ask for forgiveness when we are wrong and to steer his steps to-wards God. We are grateful for the invitation to come and for the honor to listen to Dr. Lutzer. May God bless you! Pastor Vichentie & Adriana Carabas – Hateg

We really enjoyed the time with Dr. Erwin Lutzer. His mes-sage impacted me regarding my call as a pastor. The message was clear and practical and offered answer14340075_1196887220354688_1844813628_os and challenges on the problem of Islam and also on the problem of moral rebellion. The pleasant and wise manner in which he presented the message touched us and convinced us one more time how pow-erful the healthy, clear teaching of the Gospel is. It was a double blessing – physical refreshment and encouragement for the ministry. Pastor Marin & Doina Tifrea – Piatra Neamt

I can say without a doubt that the 2016 MLI Pastors’ Conference organized at Sinaia was a time of very high spiritual quality. I have not experienced such a blessing in a long time. For sure Dr. Lutzer has a special call from God to equip pas-tors for an efficient ministry. I appreciate very much his gentle and humble spirit. The MLI team prepared the conference excellently, so everything was at superlative. I pray God will continue to bless Brother Eugen Groza; truly he has a pastoral heart. Thank you so much for all do! Pastor Sorin Cigher – Sibiu

We are grateful that once again God touched our hearts and brought encouragement and joy. This time I felt that not only us, the men, but also 14359857_1196887147021362_553195517_oour wives and our children from home were blessed by the teaching that best fitted the needs of our times. God bless you and may He receive all the glory! Pastor Iulian Stoian – Slobozia

It was for the first time that we attended a conference organized by MLI. First of all, we wish to express our gratitude for the invitation. We have appreciated deeply that the speaker was a real value for our times, the spiritual food was of great quality, the structure of the sessions was great – in the mornings Romans 8, expository, then a motivational session and in the evening a thematic session on contemporary subjects. Among other experienced pastors who were invited, we saw a lot of younger pastors. We appreciate the investment you do in younger pastor and encourage you to do more in this area. With deep consideration. Pastor Radu & Ema Cimpean – Sibiu

It was a great and a wonderful week up on the “mountain”. I learned once again the lesson of serving, listening and trusting. I was encouraged that sometimes the desert creates great characters and strengthens our faith. It was a privilege to receive the teachings of Dr. Erwin Lutzer and to go deeper into Romans 8. I was reminded that we are called to serve faithfully, even if we minister in a small church. The important thing is to look at the target and have faiimg_5942_800x600th in the reward which we will receive “on the other side”. It was a great conference! Thank you and may God bless you! Pastor Cornel & Veronica Mosman – Babadag

Thank you so much for your continue support for the work of God in Romania. Investing in people is the best investment we can make, it has everlasting results. Your prayers, love and generosity means so much for us; it encourages us and gives us strength to continue to do what God called us to do. Your partnership in ministry in vital to us, without your very important support we cannot do what we do.
You all are in our hearts, we pray for you and love you in the Lord. May the Lord richly bless you!

Pastor Eugen Groza—Your partner for Christ in Romania