NGO fest, event which was held in the Youth Park from Bucharest between 17-19 May, reunited almost 150 nongovernmental organizations, organizations which have different fields of activity. Missio Link International had presented its projects concerning the people who are at risk. The Youth Park, a place for relaxation for both children and adults, offered an opportunity for the children to participate in the creating and face painting workshops held by the beneficiaries of the Residential Center Deborah House and of the Aspirations program, and also provided for the adults detailed information about the abused children and about other categories of persons at risk. During these three days, the spokesmen/spokeswomen for our organization had the honor to promote our on-going projects, to extend our social network and to discuss with different people or nongovernmental organizations about a possible collaboration. We also had with us four beneficiaries of our programs.

Here is what they say about this experience:

Deea (15 years old): It was my fist time to visit the capital of our country and I have enjoyed it very much, especially riding the subway. I was also impressed by the children who came to me to paint their faces or arms and that they enjoyed what I have painted. This made me be content and confident.

Sorina (17 years old): In this mini-vacation I have spent a few days in Bucharest, where as a united team, we have accomplished great things and we met a lot of children. Also, we could visit places like: the Ark of Triumph, the House of the People/ The Palace of Parliament and the Youth Park. Thank you for this opportunity!

Adnana (18 years old): I had enjoyed many things about this trip but the children from the park gave me the best feeling because their eyes shone when we offered them cookies that we have made ourselves. Some of them said that they did not want a cookie, but then they changed their minds and took some… I have also liked it when we were asked where were we from and we proudly answered: ”From Timișoara!”… And riding the subway for the first time.

Claudia (19 years old): I am glad that I have visited Bucharest. You know… when I was little, I always wanted to go there because I saw it on the TV and I considered it to be a spectacular place. And it is, lots of museums, parks, impressive buildings,  a combination of old and new. At the event I was astonished to see the big number of organizations.