On Octobe20161001_152729_800x450r 1st, MLI had its annual Board meeting in Timisoara, Romania. It was a great joy to have most of the members from Romania and USA present. It was a wonderful meeting and we are thankful to each one of the Board members for their dedication in encouraging and giving directions to MLI ministries. The members present with us were: Mr. Michael McKeithen – Atlanta, GA. USA; Mr. David Gall – Indianapolis, IN. USA; Mr. Petru Bulica, from Timisoara, Romania; Mr. Alexandru Neagoe, from Timisoara, Romania; Dr. Vetuta Vicas MD, from Timisoara, Romania; Mr. Laurentiu Erbatu, from Giurgiu, Romania; Mr. Eugen Groza, from Timisoara, Romania.