Through MLI, Zionsville Presbyterian Church from IN, USA, has been in a partnering relationship with churches in the south and southeast Romania. Dave Gall who is the ambassador for Romania ministries at ZPC, came with a team from the church to serve at the conference. We had almost one hundred participants, men and women, from Fetesti, Giurgiu, Alexandria as well as Cluj and Alba Iulia in Romania. Stan Johnson from ZPC led the men sessions based on a thorough study of 2 Timothy to fan into flame the gift of God (2 Timothy 1:6) which is in us. Lisa Prince and Betty Sue Lafoon also from ZPC, led the ladies into a study of various aspects of prayer. Pastor Phil Ping, IN, as well as pastors from each of the areas represented led us in Biblical meditations every evening. This ministry was so much on the heart of Eugen Groza, and we really missed him and Mihaela at this time.

Besides the teaching, the conference is a time of mutual encouragement and learning from each other and from the ways God is at work in the various areas.

We are so thankful for your prayers and support, and we very much appreciate the constant generosity and vision of our friends from ZPC who faithfully continue in this work.

By Emil Toader

I liked the small group discussions and the fact that each person shared their view on the subject. This conference encouraged me to serve God no matter what situations may come in my life! I thank God for this opportunity and I am grateful for MLI, ZPC and for Dave Gall & Stan Johnson. (Pastor Emmy Cira, Cluj)


This meeting nourished me as I learnt more about how I can build an authentic relationship with God through prayer. When listening to the testimonies, I felt very encouraged to seek God more and to try to hear His voice in my life, too. I believe that through conferences like this one, God has the power to renew our relationships with Him, to strengthen  the Church and to bring us closer to Him. (Nadia, Giurgiu)



How many times I would ask, has MLI brought us together near the springs of life. Stan Johnson led us like a guide who knows the path up the river to the spring. We leave rested and with our thirst quinched. Dave Gall and the team from ZPC have touched us with their love with the same faithfulness, as in the past years. (Pastor Octavian Ivanica, Alexandria)