During the month of September, MLI organized its fall Church Based Leadership Development training for men. Between September 25-28, 2017, approximately 32 men from nine different areas of Romania: Sibiu, Timișoara, Cărpiniș, Campeni, Abrud, Campina, Fetești, Țandărei and Buzău came to Alpiniș for training. The chosen theme was: “A study in the Book of Hebrews”, the topics addressed were: the superiority of our Lord, the danger of immaturity, the warnings that this book evokes and the beauty of our Lord. The speaker, this fall, was a dear friend of MLI, Dr. Ed Scearce, Senior Pastor at Grace Church, Normal, IL. Pastor Ed is one of the few pastors from the west who visited Romania during the years of Communism and served the Lord here during that time. We are very grateful for the time spent together at Alpiniș, it was a time of sweet fellowship, relationship-building, growth in the knowledge of our Lord. We keep you all in our prayers!

Please take a few minutes to read the impressions of some participants.

“I thank the Lord for this time of study. During this week, the Lord spoke and searched me with power. I reflected closely on the superiority of our Lord Jesus, the warnings in this book, the danger of immaturity, and I was motivated and encouraged to apply these teachings in the work God called me to do.” (Pastor Relu Rodean-Campeni)

“I am thankful to our Lord and to all who made this experience possible; every time I came here I learned new things that helped me grow spiritually. May the Lord bless you all who have invested in this ministry.” (Andron Gruia- Fetești)

“It was a really blessed time. I received the answers to very difficult questions. The study in the Book of Hebrews was very useful for me. Thank you!” (Ghiță Fonta)

“I thank the Lord for the wonderful time spent with the people of God in the word of God. This study helped me and gave me a better understanding of this book.” (Cătălin Prica-Măgura)

“I am honored to take part for the first time in this Bible study on the Book of Hebrews. I received much light on the chapter 6, I needed an explanation and I received it. Thank you very much!” (Pastor Prica Decebal- Ciuta, Buzău)

“I have been blessed and revived. Once again, I have understood that the Lord Jesus is superior to all things, prophets, angels and the Law, that He has a new covenant. Brother Ed’s understanding of the Bible and the fellowship with the brothers brought me closer to the Lord!” (Pastor Florin Botar- Campeni)

“The study of the Book of Hebrews was a challenge to me. God has revealed through His servants interesting things that I did not understand until now. It was a blessed time in which I recharged the battery of my soul!” (Daniel Dragnea- Filipeștii de Padure, Prahova)

“I thank the Lord for this time of spiritual food so appropriate to my soul. I pray the Lord may continue to bless you and to reward you with His grace in all of your plans. Thank you!”(Boboc Cristian Alexandru)

“Besides the wonderful view I enjoyed here, the word of the Book of Hebrews has placed in my heart a strong desire to search the Bible and its application in my life.”(Pastor Prica Bebi- Badila, Buzau)

Reported by Eugen Groza