13169815_1109037692472975_1214695330_oDuring the month of May, MLI organized its spring Church Based Leadership Development intensive training for men. Between May 09 – 12 approximately 30 men from five different areas of Romania: Câmpina & Giurgiu – south Romania; Fetes ti – south east Romania; Sibiu & Medias – center; Carpinis – west Romania and from the Western Mountains, came at Alpinis for training. The theme of the Conference was: “A Study in the Book of Job”. The speaker this spring was my younger colleague Mr. Valentin Fat, pastor of Bethany Baptist Church Timisoara, Romania. Once again the time spent together at Alpinis was special; it was a time of sweet fellowship, building relationship, growing in the knowledge of the Lord, spiritual and physical renewal. Thank you Vali for bringing to our attention important subjects like: suffering, worship, values and priorities and how to relate to people in suffering. May the Lord abundantly bless you, your family and your church. Please take a few minutes to read the impressions of some of the participants.

We were blessed by God with a special time of study in the book of Job. Once again God spoke to my heart through His Word present-ed so clear by Pastor Valentin Fat. My soul was refreshed understanding how important is our personal relationship with God and how to re-late correctly to suffering. Thank you MLI and thank you to all who made this special time possible for us. Pastor Florin Botar – Ponor13211140_1109037549139656_731841521_oel

I am thankful to God for the privilege He gave me to be at this conference. This time was a spiritual blessing for me. This study in the Book of Job helped me to understand how important is to have my eyes and my heart fixed on our Lord Jesus and to know He is always in control so I can trust Him. Thank you MLI for this conference. Thank you Pastor Vali for this wonderful study. May the Lord bless you. Ioan Stanean-Campina

I was encouraged during this time of fellowship here at Alpinis. I was amazed how God spoke to me through this study in the Book of Job about suffering; I learned how to relate to those who suffer. I was also encouraged by the opportunity to share difficulties from our own lives and ministries. Pastor Robert Raich – Fetesti

I am thankful to our Lord for His presence with us at Alpinis during these special days. There were days of grace and blessings from God. I pray for each 13170705_1109037522472992_247420990_oone of you who made this special time of fellowship possible, in a special way I pray for Pastor Vali; God spoke to us through him. Ghita Vasile, Missionary – Lenauheim

I praise the Lord for this special time of fellowship and for this study in the Book of Job. I understood better the meaning of suffering in the life of a Christian. Thank you Pastor Vali for a very clear teaching. Thank you all who made this time possible. May the Lord richly bless you. Iancu Marius, Missionary – Corna

This was a week full of God’s grace when we experienced His blessings and the riches of His Word. I thank God for Pastor Vali, for his passion for God’s Word. I was encouraged to study God’s Word more carefully; also, I am better prepared for the time when suffering might come in my own life. I pray the Lord might help me to be a good testimony for Christians even during difficult times. Thank you so much for a great time at Alpinis. Pastor Andi Nistoroiu – Filipestii de Padure

I am so thankful to God for all the things I learned at Alpinis during these days from the Book of Job. I pray the Lord might help me to be faithful and loyal to God as Job was even during dif-ficult times. Thank you so much for this time. Constantin Gresciuc – Fetesti

I am for the first time at Alpinis for such a conference like this and I am so blessed and so thankful to the Lord for this 13214994_1109037572472987_1318284549_oopportunity. I am encouraged and spiritually strengthen by this study in the Book of Job. I am thankful to Pastor Vali for all the lessons he thought us during this study. This time was very meaningful and valuable to me as I am sure it was for each one of us. Thank you so much for making it possible. Bogdan Neagu – Campina

Thank you so much for your continue support for God’s work in Romania. Investing in people is the best investment we can make, it has everlasting results. Your prayers, love and generosity means so much for us; it encourages us and give us strength to continue. Your partnership with us is vital, without your very important support we could not do what we do. You all are in our hearts and we pray for you! May the Lord richly bless you!
Pastor Eugen Groza – Your Partner in Romania