In May, MLI organized its spring Church Based Leadership Development intensive training for men. Between May 12th – 15th and 19th – 22nd approximately 50 men came from five different areas of Romania (Câmpina – south Romania; Fetești – south east Romania, Sibiu, Mediaș & Făgăraș – center Romania and from the Western Mountains). The theme of the Conference was: “Making Disciples”. The speaker this spring was our dear friend and excellent Bible teacher Mr. Jeff Sanders from West Park Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN. who taught the men how to disciple others, not just through teaching and Bible studies, but also through the personal practical example. Once again the time spent together at Alpiniș was special; it was a time of sweet fellowship, building relationship, growing in the knowledge of the Lord, spiritual and physical renewal. Thank you Jeff for your dedicate passionate heart for God’s ministry all around the world and especially in Romania. We appreciate the sacrifice you made to come serve others in our country. May the Lord abundantly bless you, your family and your church.

Please take a few minutes to read some of the impressions.

I thank God for the grace to have participated at this conference. It was a true spiritual blessing and I have once again been reminded of the kindness and love with which Jesus teaches us. The Lord modeled how to make disciples and He taught them day after day. Here I learned how to choose and support the ones who are part of discipleship. I learned about the patience and the love with which one should encourage and teach the ones who are being discipled.

In a very difficult time in my life, God blessed with a special time of fellowship at Alpiniș. At this conference I received answers to the many prayers I had, thus clarifying my understanding of the Word of God and I understood the mission that the Lord gave me for His kingdom. I hope and pray that in the next period in my life, I would dedicate myself to listening and obeying His Word and to making disciples.

Radu Pop – Făgăraș

I have been so blessed to be at this training where Pastor Jeff taught us about discipleship. We have been in the presence of the Lord and we pray that what we learned here would not remain just on our notes or in our minds, but we pray it would impact our churches.

Daniel Dragnea – Câmpina

It is my first time at such a conference and I have been challenged to not be indifferent towards the people who need the Lord, but as I have learned how to make disciples, I would like to teach others to do the same in our local community.

Bogdan – Western Mountains

I have been refreshed spiritually during these days at Alpiniș and I pray God would bless those who made this training possible and who sacrificed so that we could be here. I pray God would give me strength to change my life according to His calling to make disciples for His glory.

Andrei Vasile – Câmpina
I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn about discipleship. Investing in others is such a great challenge, but I pray that by making disciples, our church would be refreshed and strengthened. Thank you so much for the things learned here and I pray for God’s blessings upon all those who have been here and who will fulfill His command to go make disciples wherever we are.

Petru Man – Făgăraș

The fellowship has been wonderful and we praise God for Pastor Jeff who was sent to teach us about discipleship. We are grateful that we have been in God’s presence on the mountain and we pray He would reward all those who made this training possible.

Ioan Gancea – Sibiu

I have understood better the need and means to make disciples as Jesus gave us this example through His own life. I have been challenged to invest more in the people around me and not to worry about having new converts, but to be concerned about obeying God’s commandments. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Iosif Pop – Fetești

We have been equipped this week with everything that we need to make disciples in our communities. Our prayer is that we focus less on how many members our churches have and that we focus more in sharing the Gospel with the ones we disciple. I thank the Lord for the answers to many of my questions and struggles.

Anton – Mediaș