One week of vacation passes without notice, and definitely for the girls from the Deborah House the spring holiday passed fast but left wonderful memories. Why’s that? Well, after the last day of school the youth from Bethany Baptist Church from Timisoara visited the girls at Deborah House. The youth brought with them much love and friendships, which are two of the most important ingredients for the girls to feel, loved and gain their self-confidence. The evening was filled with games, music, much laughter and joy, and if would have not been for the house-parents to watch over the needed sleeping hours, the youth would have stayed till daybreak.

Since we just love to receive guests, the next day the girls had the visit of five wonderful ladies from Chicago, IL, USA – Christ Church of Oak Brook. That was the perfect excuse for the girls to take a trip to discover our country and to help their guest to see how beautiful and charged with history Romania is. So everybody packed and hit the road to Sibiu. On the way they visited two fortified churches from the middle ages. The group spent the night at Alpinis. You would believe that after such busy day everybody will be tired and want to go to bed, but no, the evening was as busy as the day and the girls played, sang, and they did not go to bed before they wrote in their journals. The next day welcomed the girls with few snowflakes, but that did not stop the group to take a walk in the mountains and enjoy the view before continuing their visit to Sibiu. First stop was at the Zoo and the lemurs as the baby tiger greet the girls and made few summersaults just for them. After they said farewell to the animals, the group rushed to the historical center of Sibiu. There would have been many things to visit, but there will be other holidays and so they returned home, where they organized a surprise Birthday party for the team leader, Paula Rocque.