March 31st was a day full of emotion for our partners at the Special School Ctin. Păunescu Recaş. The Celebration of  forty years since the opening of the school was a joyful reminder that children that had the circumstances against them have found hope and a family in the dedicated teachers. At the event officials were present and also former students of the school, some of them are parents of students from the new generation that graduated. The children prepared artistic moments with Romanian traditional dances, music, plays and also an acrobatic dance. The proud teachers cheered the students with immense joy. The principle of the school Ms.  Mariana Heber had tears of happiness when the students together with their teachers sang a special song they composed for the celebration. Without doubt the highlight was the moment when the senior graduates entered the room, all are beneficiaries of the project Back to School. Their accomplishment is not just academic success but also a victory on the general mentality and perception of the children with special needs.

The Foundation MISSIO LINK INTERNATIONAL wants to congratulate the teachers and the students of the Special School Ctin. Păunescu Recaş for forty years of excellence in special education. We are honored that for twenty-seven years we can also support their effort in changing lives and perspectives.