At the end of May, we were privileged to meet JoAnne & Jonathan Calvis with their children Rachel & Nathan and Janet & Doug Grove, who together with our long-time partners Mike & Darlene McKeithen, came to walk in their parents’ footsteps, the late Bill & Bonnie Kinschner who loved the people in Romania and through their ministry alongside MLI impacted so many lives. They visited Deborah House,spent time with the girls and did a craft project, just like their mom used to, and they also got to know Alpinis – the place that was very close to their parents’ hearts. They had the chance to meet some of the ladies who had been taught by Bonnie at the Women’s Leadership Development Conferences and they brought a wonderful gift at Alpinis: Bonnie’s licence plate number which states: “You are gifted” – representing one of the important lessons that she taught.

We are honored to get to know the extended family and  blessed to share sweet memories.


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