FWBCOur team of nine headed out to Romania from First Baptist Church Woodstock on June 21st.  We were blessed to have our missions’ pastor say a word at Bethany Baptist on Sunday while our team led a song of praise.  We were honored to have planned a 4-day lesson for the Deborah girls about Joseph and his multi-color coat.  Joseph faced trials of many kinds including being sold into slavery by his brothers and placed in jail by Potiphar for a crime he did not commit.  Joseph used the gifts God had given him to bring about a purpose to his life.  As a member of our team told a portion of the story of Joseph each morning in the local gymnasium, a second team member shared a story relating to a practical application taken from the story of Joseph.  We taught on identity, walking in integrity, growing where you are planted and knowing that God can use all things for good and for His glory.  After a morning of playing and teaching in the gym, we would divide into two groups and head back to the Deborah Houses to eat lunch and do a craft to further implement the message given.  Then we simply played and hung out with the girls for the rest of the day.  One day during the week we took the revolution tour and went to the prison where they now have girls as well as boys.  We divided our team into groups (male and female) and shared a message, some music, and a craft with the girls.  Then we all came together and shared some more.  We also had the blessed opportunity to visit the homes of the Aspirations girls and loved our time at the barbeque where one of our team members headed up the cooking with some assistance.  We made American style bacon cheeseburgers and buffalo style wings on the grill….yum!  Overall, we had a blessed time and are already in process of planning our 2014 trip!For more information about the trip you can access: http://woodstockmissions.com/experience/romania-deborah-house/39/

First Baptist Church Woodstock Team

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