On April 23rd nine of the girls from Deborah House ran at Timotion, a fundraising sports event for various community projects in Timisoara. The girls ran the Continental 2k race (1.25 miles), together with the RotaKids children, to raise awareness of the needs of children who require special education. The participation fee was covered by a generous anonymous donor.

We asked two of the girls about the race, we will use initials to protect their identity:

R: How was it for you to run in a such race?

L.A: It was very nice, I was glad to run for the first time in my life with so many people. I was impressed by how many people were running. Running 2k was not too difficult, I was a little tired at the end. I plan to work out to be able to run a longer distance next year.

R: Why did you do it?

S.W: I thought it was important to participate to support a project.  I want to help other children to succeed, and to have a better future.  

R: How did you feel doing something for others, since in general you benefit of other people’s support?

S.W: It felt good. It’s good to help a child knowing that you’ve been in his situation. I had to repeat the school year, and I always thought I am not smart enough to learn. The problem was not that. I received help, now I have good grades and I am more confident. There are many children with stories similar to mine, and I want them to succeed. Next year I want to run the 4k race.

L.A: It helps me to help other people. I know how difficult it is to study having a hard life, it feels like your brain is frozen. If running a longer distance will help other children, I will do it.