Opened in May 2IMG_7551002, Deborah 1 hosted along the 14 years dozens of girls. The girls grew up and if they aloIMG_7849ng time received peace and fulfillment, the old clay brick house definitely felt its toll having gray walls, while the furniture doors and drawers, which were opened and closed thousands of times, caved in. After 14 years with the help of teams and churches that supported them, we managed this year to do capital repairs at the first unit Deborah House. Because the family spirit is important for us, the girls chose the colors for their rooms. So we repaired and replaced all the plumbing in the bathrooms, we painted the whole house, we replaced the wooden floors, the furniture in the rooms, we did repairs on the facade. We thank our friends from CBCFC-Knoxville, TN; FBC Woodstock and Mt. Bethel UMC Atlanta, GA USA, and our good friends from Northern Ireland.