Last week, during the visit of Kenny Woodhull and Shelby Trusley in Romania, Missio Link International (MLI) and Missio International (MI) offered the “Alec and Patty Woodhull” scholarship for the academic year 2017-2018. The scholarship was initiated ten years ago by Alec and Patty Woodhull, the founders of the MI (former US Affairs), to help young romanians that come from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue university studies before returning to their community and effectively serve its needs. The winner of this year’s scholarship is Mirela, a young student in the fifth year at the Faculty of Medicine at the West University “Vasile Goldiş” in Arad. Mirela is the fourth beneficiary of the scholarship and the first girl who enjoys this support.

Congratulations Mirela, because you chose to walk with confidence the paths opened for you and that in turn you left straight paths for the young generation. We know that your journey is not easy, but we also know that this is a beautiful road, and because you chose to serve, we are fully convinced that all the needs, trials and difficulties that will arise on your way will not defeat you, because your strength is deeply rooted in the love that comes from your heart!

Thank you, beautiful soul!

 For a life that honors God by showing love for people and the desire to be better and to give more.