Between May 25-27th we hosted the City to City Europe conference for some of our partners at Alpinis. The theme of the conference was “Loving the City” and for the first time, this was available via live streaming. We were enriched, motivated, and challenged by the way God works in various parts of the world; our faith and ministry perspectives were refreshed as we discussed and prayed together. We are grateful for the resources and the opportunity to meet again in this format, partners who could participate in English came from a few churches in Romania.

This conference has determined me to (at least personally, and hopefully with the whole church) find ways to get to know and help my city more. It is important that the Gospel is lived as well as spoken and I understood that no matter how much we do for other places, we need to do more for the place in which we live! Thank you, City to City & MLI

Andrei Vasile, Campina

I thank the Lord for the grace of attending the City to City conference. I needed a refresh on the prospect of expanding God’s kingdom. I am not alone, and I am not powerless because the Gospel has power. Our city needs the hope of the Gospel. God bless you!

Andi Nistoroiu, Campina area 

I think it is important to understand that God has called us to “plant the seed of the Gospel” and when a team works for this purpose the city is transformed for the glory of God.

Nicu Bragadireanu – Giurgiu

The City to City Conference emphasized the Gospel in a remarkable way, the studies presented were interesting, and it is a starting point for the vision for the magnification of God’s Kingdom to take shape. I have seen a broader perspective of the work of the Gospel in the world and how the Spirit of God moves things. I was impressed by the passion for the Gospel and the many ways to pay it forward.

Diana Rosales – Giurgiu

I am really grateful for the opportunity to attend the City to City Europe Conference! I enjoyed being helped to focus on the evangelism of cities, especially from a European perspective! Being the pastor of a small church, I realized that it needs to be replanted with a greater focus on the Gospel. The messages were enriched by the input of the attendants. This would have not been possible without your help, so thank you!

Teo Tifrea – Piatra Neamt