Through church partnerships we seek to assist indigenous missionary minded local churches in remote and less resourced areas in Romania for the advancement of the Gospel. The purpose of these partnerships is the mutual encouragement and edification of God’s people. Today, more than twenty active partnerships through Missio Link International demonstrate the dynamic reality of cross-cultural fellowship among believers.

Here are a couple of testimonies about the partnerships between Romanian churches and partners in the US and Northern Ireland.

IMG_9607We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the exceeding faithfulness that He showed us and for the calling to share the Good News of the Gospel in the Western Mountains. Thank you for being in partnership with us. Your prayers are a great encouragement in the ministry.

In addition to support in prayer, we are grateful for the financial support we receive from you regularly. Your visits and help with children and youth ministry in summer camps weighed decisively in their return to God.

Last but not least, the financial aid for the construction has mobilized us too and has brought great encouragement in our church.

Aurel Rodean, Campeni


DSC01229The partnership with the ones from Grace (Normal, IL) is a great blessing for me and my family and God’s ministry in this area.

In the two places where I work (Ponorel and Sohodol) each year I saw people who received Jesus in their lives and confess their faith through baptism. Such an example happened recently in Ponorel where God performed a miracle in sister Marioara’s life. She had been coming to church for a while but some of her children were against her baptism. On February 20th at 6:15 in the morning I got a call from her telling me she wanted to be baptized that morning as she was about to go to the hospital for investigations. She had called her children and 4-5 brothers and sisters from the church to witness the baptism. Her life is now a living testimony in her family and among her neighbors.

sora MarioraI also want to appreciate that you came to Romania and together we were able to serve God through wonderful Christian camps. After these camps, many children from non-believer homes have received Jesus into their hearts, and had the opportunity to evangelize their families. I visit them often and discuss with them from the Bible.

Your financial generosity each month helps me greatly with monthly expenses and I can help two orphanages in Abrud to a certain extent. Thank you so much for your involvement in God’s ministry here in Romania.

Florin Botar, Sohodol & Ponorel