Between 6 – 9 December, we at Missio Link International (MLI) continued our leadership development program with a special training in the area of emotional and spiritual trauma. Our long time friends and partners, Mrs. Katherine Barnhart and Mrs. Stephanie Moore, from Memphis, TN, both certified by The Trauma Healing Institute, led the intensive seminars. The course aims to form facilitators (not professional counselors), who anchored in the truth of Scripture, are equipped to serve those who experience various forms of trauma in their lives. Although being aimed at both men and women, this time the training was for women only. Twenty six ladies from Timișoara area completed the course, hosted by MLI at Bethany Baptist in Timișoara. We appreciate Stephanie, Katherine and all the ladies giving quality time to this course at a busy time of the year, thank you!

We invite you to watch some photographies here.