This year, the girls from Deborah House went to Alpinis for a camp with the Woodstock team, with the theme ‘Christmas in June’.

They started to decorate the villa with a tree and trimmings along with Christmas music. One craft project the girls learned to make was ornaments they can sell to raise funds. Another one was a snowman ornament. They did string ornaments all throughout the week. The girls learned to also make magnetic-Christmas tree-picture holder, which they seemed to enjoy. All week the girls were hanging their ornaments on the Christmas tree.

One of the highlights was that the girls learned how to play softball. After learning some fundamentals of softball they had their first practice on the softball diamond. Dragons vs. Lizards. 🙂 The air was filled with laughter and cheers.

They also got to go to the Adventure Park, where there are rope courses and zip-lines. They all had a blast following each other around the courses.

Towards the end of the ca mp days they all went on a hike and were able to participate in a giant, music filled bonfire with the mandatory S’mores. The girls had never had them before, but they quickly became experts in making – and eating them. The girls were blessed to receive several gifts like softball T-shirts and caps, hand-made dolls from a group at church and candy canes.

Saying goodbye was very hard on both ends and for sure they will all miss each other. For more pictures, click here.

The team from Woodstock stayed at Alpinis for a couple of days after the camp was finished, and they got to visit Sibiu, Biertan, Sighisoara and the Hunedoara Castle, learning a little bit about the history of Transylvania.

Thank you for all your love and sacrifice and may the Lord reward you abundantly!

Merry Christmas from Romania!