MLI was invited to present papers at the first International Christian Conference  “Power to be Different” organized by West University of Timisoara – Faculty of Sociology and Psychology. Mrs. Lorena Rusovan with Mrs. Sanda Curtean, Mrs. Mariana Mitrofan and Mrs. Karina Velescu chose two of the topics proposed by the organizers: To Educate and to Form Characters, and Solidarity and Difference.
The first paper “Protected child becomes a respected woman” is an analysis of the impact of Christian values and biblical principles in specialist intervention in post-trauma recovery of abused girls.
The second paper, “Transforming pain into freedom” is a case study of MLI, analyzing of the socioeconomic post-revolution context and shows how collaboration between the international Christian community and academia in Timisoara, starting from an isolated case led to legislative change, to create a unique social service, and the organizational structure of a small local organization has developed into an organization with programs and projects that have exceeded the Romanian border.
Both papers were approved by an international evaluation committee, and approved to be included in two of the five volumes of The Power to be Different. The volumes will be found in the libraries of over 15 prestigious universities in the country and worldwide. We are very happy for this opportunity.