In our project there are now 246 children. In preschool there are 15 children, and because they are more than expected they had to increase the number of places available. In the kindergarten, preschool and middle school there are 182 children now, more than 50% of the total number of children. At the beginning of the school year, the young students were welcomed with supplies and special notebooks, crayons, markers, pens and pencils, clay, watercolors and coloring books on their benches, so from the first day of school they had a smile on their faces.


The girls from Deborah House benefited from the educational kits, and the library of the center was improved with atlaIMG_0850 copyses, exercise books and dictionaries, all necessary for homework and also other materials requested by the schools that the girls attend. At Deborah House the schooling situation this year is as follows: in primary school – two girls, in secondary school – 11 girls, in high school – three girls, in the vocational school – eight, in a special school learning to be a hairdresser – one girl.

Everything the children received was supported by the United Way Foundation. Also with their help children from Recas and the girls from Deborah received schoolbags.

Thank you all for your support!